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AmmoMIg Sanding Stick 400-4000 Grit


This sanding stick provides 2 different grits: 400/4000, ideal for eliminating defects and also for creating a very smooth finish.

The 400 grit can be used to remove mould seams, scratches, traces of glue, putty, and other defects. With the 4000, you will be able to polish the surface. This side is especially useful for polishing clear plastic parts, removing the glossy finish from decals, or polishing previously painted surfaces. The flexibility of the material easily conforms to any shape including rounded surfaces. Can be used on a full range of materials including resin, metal, wood and, of course plastic. It can be used both dry and moistened with water.

AmmoMIg Sanding Stick 400-4000 Grit

SKU: E371467

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