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Warhammer 40000: Void War Bases

  • Customise your boarding patrols and kill teams with space hulk-themed bases
  • 60 sculpted infantry bases in three different sizes, with loads of designs
  • Also includes over 50 pieces of basing material, including grates and vox-units

repare your boarding patrols and kill teams to step into the labyrinthine passageways of an ancient space hulk with this set of textured and sculpted Citadel bases. These highly-detailed infantry bases are designed to perfectly match Gallowdark terrain sets and voidcraft-themed gaming boards, and can also suit a range of other industrial environments.

In addition to the bases, this kit contains loads pieces of grim and industrial basing material to add detail and narrative elements to your miniatures, such as gantry sections, broken grille panels, discarded fans, shattered gauges, and time-worn vox relays.

The kit includes:
- 60x textured and scenic plastic bases:
- 20x 25mm round bases
- 20x 28.5mm round bases
- 20x 32mm round bases
- 54x decorative scenery elements:
- 4x large gantry/flooring plates
- 4x broken large gantry/flooring plates
- 6x grilles
- 6x broken grille plates
- 10x small gantry/flooring plate pieces
- 24x damaged hardware items, including vox relays, fans, and gauges.

Warhammer 40000: Void War Bases

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